Cicchetti & Craft Cocktails

The expanded tavola includes a craft cocktail lounge and cicchetti bar.

Having more space allows our customers more choices. Antipasti and cocktails in the lounge before dinner or a place to meet with friends and colleagues for drinks and small plates. And with all of the extra lounge seats, there’s no longer a need to lineup and wait in the main dining area.

The same philosophy that established tavola’s main dining room applies to the food and drinks offered in the cicchetti bar—well-sourced, quality ingredients, thoughtfully prepared.

Bar manager Steve Yang reveres the craft cocktail scene, but puts the customer above all. “Philosophically, I like to think that I’m in the business of making memories,” says Yang. “Be it good quality, drink knowledge or just a smile, the experience should stand above everything else.”

His infusions, house made mixers, carefully chosen ingredients and selection of spirits are an elegant addition to the tavola experience.


spaghetti westerns


earl grey infused belle isle moonshine,

meyer lemon, coriander ∙ 12


old overholt rye whiskey, cocchi dopo teatro vermouth,

amargo and orange bitters ∙ 11


elijah craig bourbon, house-made amer picon,

cocchi barolo chinato ∙ 15

old fashioned

old forester bourbon, nebbiolo reduction,

angostura bitters ∙ 10

sherry cobbler

aurora manzanilla sherry, cider shrub,

cinnamon ∙ 8

gin & tonic

tanqueray gin, cocchi americano, house-made tonic,

citrus, soda ∙ 10 

aperol spritz

aperol, soda, prosecco ∙ 11 


malfy gin, campari, cocchi di torino ∙ 12 



alpha & omega

baker’s bourbon, brown butter washed gonzalez byass nectar

px sherry, pear, lemon, thyme ∙ 12

coy mistress

barr hill gin, courvoisier vsop cognac, peach, garganega wine reduction, lemon, peychaud’s bitters ∙ 12


four roses small batch bourbon, cocchi di torino, fernet branca, lemon ∙ 12

veni, vidi, vici

olive oil washed new amsterdam gin, strawberry, campari, basil, white balsamic, lemon ∙ 12



copper & kings american brandy, gonzalez byass oloroso sherry, zucca rabarbaro amaro, tayberry, ash, lemon ∙ 12

brothers in arms

beet-infused deep eddy vodka, angostura-brown sugar syrup,

gonzalez byass tio pepe fino sherry, lime ∙ 11 


rittenhouse 100 rye whiskey, sibona amaro, carpano antica,

aglianico wine reduction, rosemary ∙ 12 

dealer’s choice

feel adventurous? pick a base spirit, a few keywords (sweet, tart, boozy etc.) and the bartender does the rest ∙ M/P