The expanded tavola includes a craft cocktail lounge and cicchetti bar.

Having more space allows our customers more choices. Antipasti and cocktails in the lounge before dinner or a place to meet with friends and colleagues for drinks and small plates. And with all of the extra lounge seats, there’s no longer a need to lineup and wait in the main dining area.

The same philosophy that established tavola’s main dining room applies to the food and drinks offered in the cicchetti bar—well-sourced, quality ingredients, thoughtfully prepared.

Bar manager Steve Yang reveres the craft cocktail scene, but puts the customer above all. “Philosophically, I like to think that I’m in the business of making memories,” says Yang. “Be it good quality, drink knowledge or just a smile, the experience should stand above everything else.”

His infusions, house made mixers, carefully chosen ingredients and selection of spirits are an elegant addition to the tavola experience.